The work that we do teaching inmates how to be bricklayers at Thorn Cross Prison near Warrington has been featured in national publications.

The Association of Brickwork Contractors (ABC) has designed a training programme specifically for people who are soon to be leaving prison and seeking employment and we deliver the programme to the students 🧱

The students in prisons are already linked to an employer before their release, ensuring a greater chance of securing stable employment. Cara Brickwork is soon to welcome its first prisoner who is out on ROTL (release on temporary license) and are looking forward to helping advance his career towards becoming a bricklayer πŸ‘·πŸ»

Cara Brickwork managing director, Neil Allen, said: β€œCara Group has been involved with Thorn Cross for many years, offering guidance and advice to the brickwork department with the aim of enhancing the prospects for prisoners when they are released. Through this established relationship, I was able to introduce the ABC to the team at Thorn Cross who have now got the contract to deliver the training courses within the prison.

β€œThe prisoners that I have spoken with and interviewed seem like genuine people who have taken the wrong path in life and need a second chance. We hope that by educating them while they are in prison will pave the path for a brighter future upon release. We want them to re-enter society with useful skills and a renewed sense of purpose.”

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