The brand new 5200 m/sq development was designed and built to provide the people of Radcliffe with modern, integrated healthcare facilities of the highest standard. The new building brings together a number of disparate services in the area, including: Three GP Practices; Community Health facilities; Community Dental Services; An Urgent Treatment Centre; a Walk-in Centre; and Minor Surgeries Facilities. The new centre also combines wider community benefits, such as bookable group rooms, a pharmacy and a café.
As an intrinsic part of the design philosophy, and in a bid to reduce the environmental impact of the new facility, the development includes a number of features promoting sustainable technologies, including:

Rainwater harvesting systems supplying reclaimed water & Roof mounted solar thermal panels to provide 30% of the daily hot water demand.

“The result is very rewarding, knowing that we have played a part in enabling the Trust to provide such high quality care to the local area, whilst meeting the needs of the many stakeholders that will be using the building.”

Cara Won an award from Morgan Ashurst for best contractor on the project.