Cara Brickwork has won a Double Safety Award on MSCP & Energy Centre @ Paddington Village for Morgan Sindall.

Marlon La Cruz and ‘Newly Qualified Bricklayer’ Sonny Loxley (watch for a good news story about Sonny coming soon) both won the award for ‘The high standards of Health & Safety’. This goes to show that teach the youngsters the correct way to use PPE and be safe on site and it will become second nature to them.

They both got to chose something from the catalogue for the prize from Morgan Sindall and Cara matched £35 to each of the lads.

Massive well done to both young lads – keep up the good work.

Pictured right to left is – Chris Jones (Morgan Sindall PM), Ian Colligan (Cara Brickwork Site Manager), Marlon and Sonny.