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Please read Little Dougies story

Dougie Johnson was born on 27th May 2015 with a condition called T.G.A. (Transportation of the Great Arteries) this is where the 2 main blood vessels leaving the heart, the pulmonary artery (which takes blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen) and the aorta (which takes blood from the heart to the body) are swapped over (switched).

2 hours after being born (in Liverpool Women’s Hospital) Dougie was transferred to Alder Hey and underwent a balloon septostomy.

At 3 days old Dougies Mum & Dad (Rachael & Lee) were told that if the baby didn’t have Major Heart Surgery straight away that little Dougie would not survive the night, even with the operation he only had a 50/50 chance of it being a success. Dougie is only the second baby in 4 ½ years to have this operation at 3 days old.

Dougie is now 5 weeks old and back home with Mum, Dad, big Sister and Brother and is recovering well.

The Love and Dedication of the Staff and Surgeons at Alder Hey saved Dougies life and Dougies family and friends will be forever grateful to them for saving his life.
I am sure you will all agree it very worthy cause, please help us to help them by donating as much or as little as you can in order to help Alder Hey carry on with the good work saving lives

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